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Quarterly Playbooks

Quarterly Playbooks

3Q18 Quarterly Playbook Preview:

Quarterly Playbook- 3rd Quarter 2018

"If you build it, they will come..."

Just like the Field of Dreams, we spent the first half of this year building the “field” (economics) and are now waiting for the “players” (markets) to take their positions…. However, it seems as if the markets are still getting their roster together and haven’t been able to decide the line-up.  This might have something to do with the “grounds crew” (Washington and the Fed) changing some of the configurations…  

2Q18 Quarterly Playbook Preview:

Quarterly Playbook- 2nd Quarter 2018

The awkward pause.

We’ve all been there.  Things are going well, and then a comment out of the blue causes the room to fill with silence for a moment while each party tries to figure out what should happen next.   Well, this is that moment for the markets.  The year started off well with the momentum from 2017 carrying through January, and then worries about inflation, trade wars and Washington caused investors to tap the brakes.  In the meantime, however, the underlying fundamentals keep growing stronger…

1Q18 Quarterly Playbook Preview:

Quarterly Playbook- 1st Quarter 2018

If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be. – Yogi Berra
As we look at how things stand going into the beginning of 2018, it’s hard not to be optimistic.  The US economy seems to be firing on all cylinders, securities markets have positive momentum for the most part, and even global environments are measurably improving. However, we are still a ways away from euphoria and there is still the potential for negative surprise in the form of monetary policy and geopolitical challenges…

4Q17 Quarterly Playbook Preview:

Quarterly Playbook- 4th Quarter 2017

"It’s the 4th quarter and we have a comfortable lead."

So far, the offense has provided a good lead, but that doesn’t mean we can substitute in our second-string. We suspect there may be some hard fought downs to come. Unusual ease in the 3rd quarter combined with weather elements could set us up for increased volatility. We don’t anticipate, however, that we will lose any ground – moreover our lead should increase when all is said and done.