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Quarterly Playbooks


4Q17 Quarterly Playbook Preview:

Quarterly Playbook- 4th Quarter 2017

"It’s the 4th quarter and we have a comfortable lead." 

So far, the offense has provided a good lead, but that doesn’t mean we can substitute in our second-string. We suspect there may be some hard fought downs to come. Unusual ease in the 3rd quarter combined with weather elements could set us up for increased volatility. We don’t anticipate, however, that we will lose any ground – moreover our lead should increase when all is said and done.

3Q17 Quarterly Playbook Preview:

Quarterly Playbook- 3rd Quarter 2017

"Summer Breeze... makes us feel fine."

There’s a feeling of comfort this summer in the markets and economy. Sometimes
we need to take the time to enjoy it. As we look out on the horizon, clear skies
carry the day. At times, it is prudent to be skeptical of a lack of items to be
concerned about. We believe this is not one of those times. Traditionally, the
third quarter has provided some volatility. However, in the current landscape, we
think there are a number of supportive factors that will mitigate any potential
volatility. So, sit back and enjoy!...

2Q17 Quarterly Playbook Preview: 

Quarterly Playbook - 2nd Quarter 2017

“Play Ball. ”
The warm-up is over and we are now in the early innings of a new ball club.  With new players on the field running new plays, the line-up looks good so far.  You can’t expect home runs for every at-bat, but the ability to hit consistently looks promising.  Leading off with Washington refocusing on the economy and the Federal Reserve still pitching a perfect game, the enthusiasm in the stadium is substantial.  Let’s see if the rest of the game can keep up the momentum…

1Q17 Quarterly Playbook Preview: 

Quarterly Playbook - 1st Quarter 2017 

“Renewed Optimism."

 The latest economic attitudes have taken a sharp turn higher in recent months.   A few of the latest headlines: US Investor Optimism at a nine-year high (GALLUP).  Consumer Confidence at a 15-year high (US NEWS).   Small Business Optimism now at a 12-year high (IBD).  ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers index highest level in 2 years (Advisor Perspectives).  Optimism alone is an admirable quality, but to be justified, there needs to be “follow-through”.   So, 2017 will answer the question 

“if you wish it hard enough, will it come true?”